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Company Profile

Officine Meccaniche Murgesi

Established in 1975, OMM masters in integrated technologies for design, construction and "turnkey" supply of automatic and robotized lines for optimizing manufacturing processes.

Since its start-up, OMM has been operating both on the Italian and international market.

OMM's qualified technical department provides high, specialized and customized technological machine solutions to suit all requirements related to productivity, efficiency and quality improvement . We do not sell production machinery for highway steel components: we sell solutions for sheet-metal working.

More specifically, OMM is specialized in turnkey manufacturing of production lines for polygonal and circular section steel poles for public lighting and for low, medium and high voltage electrical power lines; manufacturing lines for road manufactured products (two and three-wave metal guardrails compliant with AASHTO and RAL standards, corrugated pipelines for water tanks); manufacturing production line for vehicle number-plates with alphanumeric numbering.

For any highway construction project, OMM can offer full know-how of the turnkey supply for all the required structures, with reference to steel guardrails, steel poles, steel culverts and other indoor and outdoor facilities.
Furthermore, OMM is proud of its skills in other manufacturing segments such as railway vehicles, cars and trucks.

Regarding the steel pole industry, high technical know-how in design and production activities and long-standing experience enable OMM to provide important patents and innovations for manufacturing processes.

OMM’S mission is to meet the increasing demand for highly specialised industrial automatic systems by assisting foreign companies in modernising and expanding production processes: this is achievable by strategic cooperation for research in customised design and delivery of special production equipment.

Equipment is delivered directly to clients, complete with a highly detailed and tailor-made maintenance and post-sale service programme, together with a staff training package (available upon request).
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Officine Meccaniche Murgesi
World Presence



Steel Lattice Towers Production Line

Steel Lattice Towers for Power Transmission up to 500 KV / Communication Towers - Square & Triangular / Radio Mast Towers / TV and Aerial Masts / Sub Statiion Structures / Gantries.

Discover steel lattice tower lines


Poles productions lines for
Conical Poles 5-15m / Standard High Mast / Special High Mast / Standard Tower Mast / Standard Tower Mast / Lighting Poles / Distribution Poles / Telecommunication Towers / Transmission Towers / Steel lattice Towers / Radio Mast

Discover our poles production lines


Road Accessories Production Lines
Crash barriers 2 & 3 bumps (as per norms AASHTO, RAL A, RAL B, SINA), colums support, chains, diagonals, belts, culvert and multiplate.

Road accessories production lines