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CEO's Message

The last decades have been characterized by a strong change of world economies and with reference to the Old Continent, due to a saturation of local markets it has gone from a national economy, or European, to a global economy.

Globalization has certainly been a source of opportunity for the Old Continent but also, over the years, the source of problems and irritants.

Emerging nations are hungry for development, and the Old Continent was ready to give with profit, but also, over the years, emerging nations have developed their own industrial production system. This has meant that it would create a vicious circle of fierce competition based almost exclusively on price « or better on low cost ».

This change is only sustainable by focusing on the key factors that make us unique in the world:

. Cost : « Medium high »…. the cost of quality
. Know-how :  « knowledge» built over the time
. Innovation : « believe » in the research
. Safety : as european and international « norms »
. Quality : solutions « simple, reliable, durable, customized and unique  » 
. Customere care : as the customer « needs », always at the manufacturer side

… on the other words what we can briefly define: MADE IN ITALY! ...and here that you play the game!

Competition, especially that coming from emerging nations, strong of low costs of production, provides machine at a price much lower and they can't  compare to the machines designed and manufactured by OMM.

OMM in present on the international market  for over 41 years and it is a leader in the field of automation with particular attention to the poles and road accessories. Be recognized throughout the world as "top experts" is gained with time and with a lot of experience made solving problems, side by side with the client. Relationships with clients that last over time and we are proud to have the partnership of more than 25 years.

Customer care has always been a strength for Officine Meccaniche Murgesi: if the customer has an issue, we provide the perfect solution for the customer. The customer, for Officine Meccaniche Murgesi, is a partner in order to develop solutions, supported by a strong engineering know-how in the field of automation and processes of stamping, welding and sheet handling. 

OMM believes in innovation and every year spends about 10% of its turnover, always trying to develop new innovative solutions to optimize the production process or to improve existing machines. Innovation is only possible if you dedicate resources and also invests in staff training. Our R & D department has registered and continues to register patents that ensure the customer to have a different and unique machine!

OMM spends much attention to the machines safety. Observes all relevant machines directives in the field of design / construction, and thanks to this is able to provide CE marked equipment, intrinsically safe.

All this and much more makes a quality product able to meet the production needs of every type of customer in terms of level of automation, product quality, product range achievable, flexibility etc.... providing "turnkey" solutions for the entire production process, that only an expert can do, with the advantage of having a consultant / partner who gives all his knowledge starting from the initial choices (optimization of warehouses, logistics, production flow, etc. ... ). Provide a solution for the whole process of production means having a single interface and the certainty of knowledge of the entire production process.

The OMM's choice is to provide quality products without cutting costs at the expense of innovation and safety.

Product quality also as a long-lasting product. Machines that do their job very well over the decades, always with the same level of quality.

And during the years of machine's life, OMM is always on the side of the customer to provide the necessary training for operators, as well as support to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, spare parts always available, assistance with the most innovative technologies to remote connection and many other services.

A special thanks to our partners who believed in us, who have supported our work philosophy and who have chosen us among many.

Proud to be your partner and hoping to become.


Nicola Di Tullio
Chief Executive Officer

Officine Meccaniche Murgesi
World Presence



Steel Lattice Towers Production Line

Steel Lattice Towers for Power Transmission up to 500 KV / Communication Towers - Square & Triangular / Radio Mast Towers / TV and Aerial Masts / Sub Statiion Structures / Gantries.

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Poles productions lines for
Conical Poles 5-15m / Standard High Mast / Special High Mast / Standard Tower Mast / Standard Tower Mast / Lighting Poles / Distribution Poles / Telecommunication Towers / Transmission Towers / Steel lattice Towers / Radio Mast

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Road Accessories Production Lines
Crash barriers 2 & 3 bumps (as per norms AASHTO, RAL A, RAL B, SINA), colums support, chains, diagonals, belts, culvert and multiplate.

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