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Cut to Length Line

Trapezium cutting, starting from coils.

Decoiler + Snubber + Straightener
Decoiler & Big bevel
Straightener machine
Straightener machine
Edges trimmer
Edges trimmer
Scrap coiler
Leveler (Thickness range: 3-8 mm)
Shearing machine
Shearing machine
Parallelogram sheet on roller conveyor
Trapezium machine (Shearing machine with circular blades)
Trapeziums after cutting on roller conveyor
Trapezium stacking
Trapezium stacking

OMM provide wide and flexible solutions by its new Cut to length line with flattening & cutting high accuracy and quality, the advantageous high production rate that make very convenient and suitable this machine for poles production plant.

OMM’s Cut to length line can easily be operated and carried thanks to its user friendly interface. It's produced with the latest production technologies able to guarantee the best results in term of flattening and trapezium cutting.

Used for steel poles production, represents the core machine for companies that want to produce poles with high quality and large production volume.

This machine allows, starting from a wide range of coils in term of weight and width, to flat the sheet without any internal stress providing an optimal cut of the trapezium without any bending. The Cut to length line, after decoiling provides a blank pre-straightening before entering on the edge trimmer where two couple of circular blade perform the edge trimming. The gap reaches on the leveler machine where thanks to the 17 rollers the gap is completely flattened without any internal mechanical stress. Following the shearing machine makes a tilted cutting realizing a parallelogram sheet. The parallelogram reaches the trapezium machine thanks to the roller conveyor where the longitudinal cut is performed realizing two trapeziums that will be divided and stacked on the last part of the line.

All the process is managed by only an operator for parameters setting and supervisor, is fully automated without any sheet manipulation. The line needs another operator for coils loading and trapezium packs unloading.

OMM’s Cut to length line is able to produce trapezium properly cut in term of length, width and shape for poles production.

Making a well flattening and cutting it’s the main feature for poles production process.


- Line starts from coils
- Coils diameter up to 2000 mm
- Coils width up to 2100 mm
- Coils thickness up to 8 mm
- Coils weight up to 25 tons
- Trapezium length up to 16 m
- Production rate up to 1 trapezium / min
- Edges trimming without rounded edges
- Scrap reduction & material optimization
- Sheet flattened without internal mechanical stress  no poles bending
- Real time data monitoring system & teleservice through internet connection
- Only one operator for line management + 1 operator for coils loading and trapezium pack unloading
- Fully automated line able to produce trapeziums sheet directly stocked to the line side.



This machine as all our machines/systems has been designed and manufactured respecting all the norms, in term of safety and respecting the environment ( noise, fumes aspiration, energy recovery back), given by the European Community:

- Conforms to the disposition of the machine directive (2006/42/CE) of 15 January 2016, and following amendments (directive 95/16/CE);
- Conforms to the disposition of the following other directives: directive low voltage (2014/35/UE) of 29 March 2014 and electromagnetic compatibility (2014/30/UE) of 26 February 2014

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