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Conical Poles 3 - 16 m


- Street Lighting
- CCTV System
- Flag Holder
- Exterior Hi-Bay Lighting
- Traffic Light and Sign

The full and deep knowledge of poles manufacturing process and product features make OMM leader on the world for such pole typology automatic production line.

OMM developed during all these years of experience machines and solutions to produce such poles with high quality, repeteability, high production rate making system very flexible to match the market target.

For the above products OMM supply the following machines:

-Plasma cutting machine for trapezium preparation (starting by sheet);

-Cut to length line for trapezium preparation (starting by coils);

-Synchronized press brake for trapezium bending, using special machine and dies for round conical poles;

-Automatic feeding system for the automatic trapezium management under the rress brake and for trapezium marking;

-Single shell welding machine for shell welding and automatic straightening;

-Lighting pole finishing line for automatic operation of plasma door opening, base plate welding, drilling and nuts welding.

OMM can support the manufacturing companies to make the best choice in term of the best technological solution at reasonable and custom investment level.


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