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Thesaurus (D - L)

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Decoiler Machine part of the “cut to length line”, used to uncoils the ribbon and feed the line. Is available with different dimension in term of coil weight, width and thickness.

Cut to length line
Deflection The lateral and horizontal excursion of the point of attachment of the luminaire.
Depth throat Name that define the quote between the blade axes and the frame internal side. This quote ensure the capability to process different blanks in term of width.

Syncrhonized tandem press brake
Detachable steps Metal steps that be inserted into the pole for climbing; can be later removed.
Door The cover to the door opening, inserted or attached.
Door bracing Reinforcing steel parts welded vertically in the door area, to compensate for the structural-engineering weakening of the pole arising from the door opening.
Door key A socket wrench to open the door, standard triangular, 12 mm.
Door lock A bolt in the door to lock the door by using a wrench with the insertion shape of a triangle, square, half-moon, or the like.
Door opening The opening in the pole that allows access to the power cables and to the electrical components inside.
Door opening plasma cutting Machine (in OMM’s solution is robotized) able to perfom the door opening with plasma technology, following a door drawing on 3D surface (conical round & polygonal pole).

Finishing line for lighting distribution poles
Double shell welding line Machine to produce poles & high-mast, starting from single shell pole & double shell poles, up to 1550 mm of diameter and 16 m length with technology MIG-MAG.

Welding machine for single e double shell poles
Earthing bolt Located near the door inside the pole, for connecting the earthing system.
Edge protector Fitted to the cable entry opening to protect the cable from damage from sharp edges.
Equipment mounting plate Located on the inside of the pole, in the door area, it serves together with the slide nuts to secure the electrical units inside.
Expansion piece or fitting Serves to adapt the luminaire to the size of the pole top (see fitting).
Fitting The connection element between the luminaire and the top end of a mast, or the outside end of a straight bracket or of a curved bracket. The fitting can form a unit with the pole or the pole section, or it can be connected to them as an additional part.
Flange plate A plate firmly attached to the light pole (but not to the underground length), with an opening for the cable entry, which enables a connection to the concrete foundation or to other supporting structures.
Flattening machine As leveller. 

Cut to length line
Foot The bottom end of a light pole, with diameter given in mm.
Foot plate See Ground plate.
Foundation cage Several anchor bolts connected together.
Fuse box An enclosure that contains fusegear, between the earthing cable and the luminaire cable.
Ground plate See base plate.
Guardrail A railing at the side of road as a safety barrier. Is produced starting by blank or coils by press brake or roll forming machine. Can be made with 2 or 3 bumps following the standard AASHTO, RAL A, RAL B or SINA.

Automatic line for 2 and 3 bumps crash barriers production 

The whole of products realized by steel blank or pipe, used for : wide street lighting, airport and port, stadium, building surrounds, telecommunication light system, container yard, medium and low voltage distribution pole, etc...

Steel poles e high masts standard dimensions
Welding machine for single e double shell poles

Leveller Machine part of the “cut to length line”, representing the core of this kind of line. Used to straight the ribbon removing the all the deformation and the internal mechanical stress, producing high quality flattened blank. The machine is installed between the “edge trimmer” and the “shearing machine”. Is available with different dimension in term of coil width and thickness.

Cut to length line
Lighting pole

The whole of products realized by steel blank or pipe, used for street lighting.

Steel poles e high masts standard dimensions
Single shell welding machine

Lighting pole finishing line The whole of machines (Conveyor, plasma unit, robots, welding machine, etc...) able to take in charge the “shaft” performing all the operations (door opening, marking, base plate welding, reinforcement welding, drilling and nuts welding) to transform it in a lighting pole, finished, ready to be galvanized.

Finishing line for lighting distribution poles
Light-source plate The distance between the connection point of the luminaire and the planned ground level, for poles with a flange plate.
Luminaire connection dimension The diameter of that part of the luminaire that is connected with the luminaire to the pole.


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