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Road Accessories Production Lines

For all highway construction projects, OMM can offer full know-how for the turnkey supply of all required structures related to steel guardrails, steel poles, steel culverts and other internal and external services.


OMM is specialized in “turnkey” construction of production lines for road accessories

  • Production line for 2 and 3 bumps crash barrier in compliance to the ASHTO and RAL norms;
  • Production line for column “C”, “U” type, etc.;
  • Production line for stamped components;
  • Production line for diagonals and chains;
  • Production line for multi plate;
  • Production line for multiplate roll.

Keys benefits
of our road accessories production machines

Continuous high-quality production.

Fully automated solutions with high production rate and lowest number of operators.

Short & guaranteed time to market.

Turnkey solution without worries for a certain result.


A complete range of machines
for road accessories production.

Automatic Line for 2 and 3 Bumps Crash Barriers Production

Line able to produce crash barrier 2 and 3 bumps production with the same machine.

Automatic line for columns / post support production

Line able to produce column support to profile "U" and "C" shape post, with the same machine.

Automatic Line to Produce Base Plate for Column Support

Starting from commercial plate till the plate cut and punchs used as base plate for the column support (mounted on the sides bridge).

Automatic Line for Belts and Chains Production

Line able to produce belt and chains starting from coils.

Die for the Barrier Terminal

Starting from sheet is able to realize the terminal part of the barrier for 2 and 3 bumps.

Equipment to Produce Corrugated Multiplate

Line able to produce corrugated multiplate starting from packed sheets, by roll forming and stamping.

Automatic Slitting Line

Line able to produce sons’ coils starting from mother coils at high speed.