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Curving machine for lighting pole and various profile

Poles & various profile curving, starting from straight profiles.


OMM provide wide and flexible solutions by its new profile curving machine with fast and high curving quality that make suitable this machine for poles production plant oriented on poles & profile design.

The machine is able to curve, various profiles as conical round poles, poles arms, or profiles with different section (i.e. I, L, C, U, etc…), against rollers & clamping tools change.

OMM’s profile curving machine can easily be operated and carried thanks to its user-friendly interface. It’s produced with latest production technologies able to guarantee the best results in term of profile curving.

Used for steel poles & various profile curving, represent the solution for company that wants to produce poles and/or profile with design impact, with good bending quality, starting from straight profiles.

OMM’s profile curving machine is composed by a profile carriage and shaped, CNC controlled rollers. That represent the core of the machine.
The machine can be supplied with a loading and unloading system to manage the cycle completely in automatic.

Tecnichal and main features

This machine can curve profiles with variable radius, in a unique operation avoiding the use of expensive presses and dies, just changing the rollers.

For conical round profile is possible to realize curving in different direction and changing of radius is possible and allow to realize “snaked poles”.

All the process is managed by only an operator for parameters setting and survey, is fully automated without any profile manipulation. Make the difference in pole design make difference on poles market share.

This machine as all our machines/systems has been designed and manufactured respecting all the norms, in term of safety and respecting the environment (noise, fumes aspiration, energy recovery back), given by the European Community:

• Complies with all applicable requirements of the machine directive 2006/42/EC
• Conforms with all applicable provisions of the directive 2006/95/CE (low tension)
• Conforms with all applicable provisions of the directive 2004/108/CE (electromagnetic compatibility)
• Conforms with the standard EN ISO 12100 (General principles on machine design)
• Conforms with the standard EN 60204 (Machine Electrical Equipment)

OMM implement the management system in conformity with the European norm ISO 9001:2015 for the designing, construction, installation and maintenance of the industrial automatic equipment for steel fabrication (EA 18).

  • Poles minimum diameter 60 mm
  • Poles maximum diameter 300 mm
  • Pole length 5 ÷ 15 m
  • Pole thickness 2,5 ÷ 5 mm
  • Minimum bending radius 1,5 m
  • Maximum bending radius 20 m
  • Any taper (prior rollers design)
  • Pole section conical round & polygonal
  • Material to process: S235JR, S355JR, S500 (EN10025), without oxide and lubricant, Steel Sheet Levelled, Skinpassed and on-size trimmed
  • Only one operator for line management