Leading the innovation

Integrated technologies for design, construction and turnkey supply of automatic and robotized lines for optimizing manufacturing processes.


MURGESI is the world’s leading manufacturer of poles and crash-barriers (guardrails) production lines.

MURGESI is specialized in turnkey manufacturing of production lines for polygonal and conical round steel poles for public lighting and for low, medium and high voltage electrical power lines; manufacturing lines for road accessories products (two and three-bumps metal crash barriers compliant with AASHTO and RAL standards, posts, corrugated pipelines for water tanks, culverts); manufacturing production line for vehicle plates-number with alphanumeric numbering and steel lattice towers production line.


Poles production lines

MURGESI produces equipment and turnkey supply for poles production. MURGESI is the only company in the world able to supply a complete production plant starting from the coil cut to length line till the finishing lines with different levels of automation, productivity and technologies, all in house made.


Road accessories production line

MURGESI produces equipment for road accessories production (crash-barriers). The company supplies solutions to the customer with different levels of automation and technologies. MURGESI is the fastest in the world in this field.


Special and Innovative Equipment

MURGESI produces special, innovative and customized equipment for every needs and different processing work of metal sheet. With reference to poles manufacturing MURGESI has developed innovative solutions and patents for roll forming and high frequency welding of polygonal and conical steel poles, curving machine and HSP-Hot Spun Poles production lines. With reference to power transmission lines MURGESI developed an innovative solution for steel lattice tower production.

Partner Program, share and learn

We adapt, innovate and focus on our customer’s requirements and give them back so much more than they expect.

Equipment are delivered directly to clients, complete with a highly detailed and tailor-made maintenance and post-sale service programme, together with a staff training package.

  • Remain focused Continued focus on businesses, markets and niche technologies with sustainable profitable growth potential, delivering high added value for our customers
  • Improve technology positions Accelerate organic growth, increase game changing innovations executing our long-term innovation roadmap
  • Use MURGESI strengths Together, winning with people, by exchanging best practices of manufacturing technology, innovations, working methods and know-how


The relentless pursuit of excellence

Big visions are built from many parts. Essential parts that accelerate change and keep things going. People are the most valued resource and the technologies are our key strength.

Our values are passion, courage, integrity, precision and reliability and the experience allow us to be a leader all over the world. We are a company that becomes more and more competitive with increasing levels of efficiency and efficacy. For us, good is never good enough.