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Finishing Line for Lighting Poles

Lighting poles finishing line, starting from welded poles


OMM provide wide and flexible solutions by its latest finishing line for lighting poles with door opening plasma cutting high accuracy and quality, base plate welding, drilling, nuts welding, reduced man power reduced investment, reduced floor foot print that make very convenient and suitable this machine for poles production plant with high production rate and high-quality demand.

OMM’s finishing line for lighting poles can easily be operated and carried thanks to its user-friendly interface. It’s produced with the latest production technologies able to guarantee the best results in term of pole finishing (door opening, base plate welding, nuts welding, etc…).

Used for lighting poles finishing, it represents the solution for companies that want to produce poles with good quality, high production rate and repeatability, in automatic, ready for galvanization process.

OMM’s Finishing Line for lighting poles includes the following machines:

  • Rollers and conveyors for poles conveyor to the station
  • Marking system for poles and doors
  • Robotized system for door opening plasma cutting
  • Robotized system for door picking up
  • Station for manual welding & eventual repairing
  • Sizing station for pole base calibration
  • Base plate semi-automatic loading station
  • Robotized station for internal/external welding of the base plate
  • Robotized welding station of the base plate reinforcement
  • Pole drilling station
  • Station of nuts reference & welding

Customized finishing line can be designed upon customer request in according with operation to automate and cycle time to achieve.

Tecnichal and main features

This machine allows, starting from a wide range of poles in term of diameter, length and typology (conical round & polygonal, lighting poles) to make automatic all the process without any pole manual manipulation with the minimum number of workers, guaranteeing a good quality, repeatability and accuracy.

Making a well finished pole, allows the user to feel the pole’s quality.

This machine as all our machines/systems has been designed and manufactured respecting all the norms, in term of safety and respecting the environment (noise, fumes aspiration, energy recovery back), given by the European Community:

• Complies with all applicable requirements of the machine directive 2006/42/EC
• Conforms with all applicable provisions of the directive 2006/95/CE (low tension)
• Conforms with all applicable provisions of the directive 2004/108/CE (electromagnetic compatibility)
• Conforms with the standard EN ISO 12100 (General principles on machine design)
• Conforms with the standard EN 60204 (Machine Electrical Equipment)

OMM implement the management system in conformity with the European norm ISO 9001:2015 for the designing, construction, installation and maintenance of the industrial automatic equipment for steel fabrication (EA 18).

  • Minimum pole diameter 60 mm
  • Maximum pole diameter 250 mm
  • Opening cutting maximum dimension 660 x 150 mm
  • Pole thickness 3 ÷ 6 mm
  • Poles length 4,000 ÷ 16,000 mm
  • Poles type conical round / polygonal
  • Line starts from welded poles
  • Pole base calibrating station up to 250 mm of diameter (hydraulic unit)
  • Lifting partner with magnet for base plate lifting
  • Base plate overturner
  • Screw nut piercing and automatic welding
  • Door recovery after cutting
  • Anthropomorphous robot very accurate
  • High repeatability
  • Possibility to doors opening on conical round and polygonal poles
  • Automatic system for poles positioning and rotation on the station
  • Fully automated process
  • Poles/doors marking with automatic system
  • Automatic system with magnet for door picking & place
  • Real time data monitoring system & teleservice through internet connection
  • Production rate up to 10 poles / hour
  • Only five operators for line management